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Sweet shells – Teepi gavvalu | With Sugar

Gavvalu are shell shaped sweet treats and a traditional sweet made in Andhra Pradesh. Earlier most of the sweets and savory were prepared at home. These were done basically to make in hygienic conditions, nutritious and economical too. These sweet shells do not take much time for cooking as they are easy to prepare.


  • Ghee/ oil – 2 – tbsp
  • Wheat flour – 2 – cup
  • oil – 1 – to fry
  • salt – 1 – pinch
  • sugar – 1 – cup
  • water – 2 – tbsp
  • Take a bowl pour wheat flour into it add ghee and water to mix well.Now add water to make dough, the dough should not be too hard or soft.
  • Take a Fork turn back side, then take a small piece of dough into hand and press at the back side of the fork and remove opposite direction repeat the same way for all the dough. keep the shells a side.
  • Now take a pan add oil for fry add the shells into the oil and deep fry till light golden brown colour fry in a low flame. once it is done remove from oil and keep it a side.
  • Now take another pan add sugar and little water and let it boil till you get a thick consistency and remove from the flame.
  • Add the fried shells to the sugar syrup once the sugar sticks to shells transfer these shells into another plate.

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